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Bluewhale Industrial Co., Ltd
Tel : 86-755-27330459
Fax :86-755-29605585
Address : No 1 .lane 1. shangwei yuan New Village,Gu Shu, Xixiang ,BaoAn district,Shenzhen City ,China

Bluewhale Industrial Co.,Ltd was established in 1997.Our factory specializes in plastic industry, providing mold design, accurate mold making, rapid prototyping, parts molding, stamping mold,zinc & aluminum alloy die casting and all related inspection services

Bluewhale Industrial Co.,Ltd  manufacturing plant is certified ISO9001:2000,we own many professional staffs and advanced sophisticated mechanical equipments. such as high speed CNCmilling,electrical discharging, numerical control wire cutting,atc.with compliance of international specification and standard.

Bluewhale Industrial Co.,Ltd ¡°Pursue outstanding endless¡±,our factory  has been wining the satisfaction of the large customer with competitive price¡¢with the elegant product¡¢dependable quantity.

Product service:
we pride ourselves in our outstanding customer service and our quick response to assist you with your unique challenges.
Precision electronic parts, Die-casting,office furnishings, Medical instruments, Household appliances, Auto parts, Furniture, Pallets, Housewares,Rubber ,Recycling containers and Pails, bi-material items, etc.

We truly appreciate very much a strong support from our customers all over the world and are looking forward to doing business with you in the near future based on our mutual interests.

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